EZO Low Drag Bearing 1/8x5/16x9/64 Flanged.

Tips & tricks


•PLEASE, DO NOT use brake cleaner, motor spray or ANY harsh chemicals to clean. Not only are they bad for bearings, they are bad for you!
•Natural or bio-degradable products are best. Simple Green or an Orange Oil type degreasing liquid work great.

•These are miniature bearings so the smallest amount of dirt can foul them.

•Bearings will last longer and perform better if you choose to add some of our suggestions into your program. Our TKO Special Clutch Bearings and EZO Low Drag Bearings are not throwaways. With some easy maintenance you will get much longer life cycles, great performance and save money.

•Bearings can be damaged with unnecessary cleaning, forcing dirt, etc. into them.

•When you remove a bearing, please check how it feels BEFORE cleaning it. If it feels good and smooth, dab off dirt etc. with a cloth, clean brush or cleaning putty. Then add a small drop of bearing oil, something light in viscosity and synthetic, then reinstall. No WD-40.