Flat & Finished "D" Style Diff Rings (on road)

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TKO's Flat and Finished "D" style Diff Rings use our Totally Flat Technology™ to produce the Finest Diff Rings available.
These fit most pan cars..12th and 10th scale. Not Xray.

Using our proprietary process rings are produced with the specs below.

The faces are flat to within 2 microns and are parallel to within 1 micron with a #7 finish.
One micron is 40 millionths of an inch.(.0000040)
The rings also fit better and flatter on the hub for near zero run out.

After processing, the rings are checked with an optical flat and monochromatic light. The ultimate measurement for flatness. Flatness charts are shown. 

Wipe rings with alcohol or motor spray and install.

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